Do You Want to be a Tour Guide?

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How does one end up being a tour guide?

Well, for me, it was because I wanted to have a job that involves travelling. During my younger years, I thought that any job that only requires you to travel is a very easy job.

Of course, I was wrong about the very easy part. But I was right about the fun and the adventures that I could have because of my job as a tour guide here in London.

Besides the travelling, here are other things that you need to master and know when you decide to become a tour guide just like me.

Assess the Pros and Cons of this job

I know I have already discussed a bit about the pros and cons, but let me dive a little more deeper in to the issue.

PROS: you get to meet lots and lots, and I mean A LOT, of people. This is something that could be tiresome for some, but it could really be fulfilling for others. At times, seeing the look on the faces of the people you tour could just melt your heart away. Especially if they have saved up and spent their life looking forward to the day they get to visit the place you tour. Nothing is more heart-warming than helping people achieve some of their goals in life.

Another positive thing about this job is that it never runs out of something new. Unlike your job at the office, where things could become a routine, being a tour guide just makes you always expect the unexpected. In effect, not only the people you tour are getting the adventure, but you yourself as well.

CONS: since this is a freelance job, starting in this line of work can be very difficult. You need clients, and you would either have a few of them or have too many of them. Sometimes, you have nothing to do for a month, while some months, you can’t even take a decent bath anymore since when one tour ends, another one is about to start.

In addition to meeting lots of people, the downside is that you will also meet ungrateful and bossy people, and there is not much you could do about that. all you have to do is stretch your patience until your tour with them comes to an end.

Knowing the Language

Well, this is something that I had little adjustments to do since we still use the English Language. However, some tour guides take the extra mile to learn as many languages as they can. This is because the people you tour could come from all over the world, and while the English language makes things easier, there are still some people who are not that fluent in the language. Also, it would make them more comfortable and game if they hear you say even just a few greeting phrases of their language.

Protecting Your Family, Long Distance Style

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Every decent parent would work hard to ensure that their family is well protected from all sorts of danger. When a member of the family gets hurt, it makes a parent feel less competent as a father or a mother. That is why some parents even go as far as being too overprotective. In some cases this is something positive but sometimes it would also only push a child away from their parents.

There are a lot of dangerous things out there, and parents should be alert about all those things. Constant communication with your child is the key to making certain your children never fall into any harm.

Communication is something I especially value, given that I work far from my family. People think that being a tour guide in the great city of London is a dream come true. Well, of course, it also is. However, since I have a family, it has become a very difficult task too. I constantly check up on my family back in the states, always wanting to know if they are okay and how their days have went. I also tell them a lot of stories about the different people I have encountered as a tour guide. Of course, the primary point of communication is to know about their day, and to be sure that nothing bad has happened to them.

Another tip to keep your family safe is by knowing the friends of your children. When you know the people they are constantly with, you can be sure who to contact in worst case scenarios. Plus, knowing your child’s friends will make you understand your child even more because you will see in their friends the type of person they are, the activities they like, the things that make them happy. When you are able to do this too with your child, you will feel much safe because you know you have a tight relationship and the child will feel that he or she can contact you whenever you are needed. Lastly, knowing who they are constantly out with will also help you decides if your child is in good company or not. If they are not, then you can warn them about their choice of friends so that any further damage by unhealthy friends could be cut as soon as possible.

This tip is very truthful, yet in my case it has also been very difficult. The technique I use? I tell my children to ask their friends over to the house. You know how some parents do not want kids visiting their homes? Well, I am the opposite of that. I feel much safer if my kids were at home at that it is their friends that would come over. At least that way, my husband could check on them. Sometimes, I would call my children and hear their friends voices in the background, I feel happier. At least I know that they listen to my request and that I hear them happy and enjoying good company.

The world is full of dangerous things, and for someone like me who has to battle them off while being constantly far away from my family, is a difficult thing. But as long as you find ways to do it despite the distance, then you are not failing as a parent. And I know this because my family tells me so.